SAP ABAP Webdynpro

SAP Web Dynpro for ABAP is SAP’s new standard UI technology for developing user interfaces in the ABAP environment. It combines a rendering-independent UI programming model with the well-known features of a ABAP server environment, like the transportation and change management system, security environment, test and performance analysis tools, or remote debugging.

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Course Information

Duration: 40 Hours

Timings: Week days 1-2 Hours per day (or) Weekends: 2-3 Hours per day

Method: Online/Classroom Training

Study Material: Soft Copy

System Access: For 1 month

Course Content

1.Workflow Introduction

  • Need for Workflow
  • Application of Workflow

2.Workflow Development

  • Introduction to Task, Workflow Template
  • Workflow Builder
  • Various workflow steps

3.Developing Bo’s Methods   - Use in Workflow

  • Developing Class Methods – Use in Workflow

4.Various Types of Task

  • Standard Task
  • Customer Task
  • Workflow Task
  • Creating Task Group
  • Creating General Task

5.Task/Activity Add on functionalities

  • Workitem Text
  • Workitem Description
  • Workitem Priority
  • Dynamic ParallelProcessing applied to task/SubWorkflows, along with Static Workflows
  • Advance With Dialog option in workitem response
  • Conditions
  • Programming Exits with Classes
  • Deadline monitoring
  • Logos in workitem Display
  • Confirm End of processing option
  • Word document type Attachments (_Attach_Objects)

6.Workflow containers

  • Event container
  • Workflow containers
  • Task containers
  • Method Container
  • Rule Containers
  • Workflow Binding

7.Triggering event Mechanisms

  • Event Raising via Different FM’s SWE_EVENT_CREATE, SAP_WAPI_RAISE_EVENT (used in user    exit, badi's, reports etc)
  • Starting Workflows Directly using FM's
  • Event Raising via Change Documents
  • Transferring Additional Data along with Events
  • Analysis of how to make use of events raised by Standard SAP
  • Event Trace
  • Simulate trace
  • Event Linkage

8.Basic Step types

  • User Decision
  • Condition
  • Multiple Conditions
  • Loop
  • Send Mail
  • Container operation
  • Fork
  • Process control
  • Wait Step
  • Event Creator
  • Local Workflow
  • Loops
  • Forks
  • Creation of Local Events


  • Rule Resolution via FM
  • Expression
  • Organization Unit
  • Job
  • Position
  • Work Center
  • A Sample Org Structure
  • Agent assignment using Org structure

10.Reporting, Log Analysis & Debugging

  • Work item analysis
  • Reading & Understanding the log
  • Restart workflow after Errors
  • Restart workflow after system Crash
  • Standard Log
  • Technical log
  • Graphical log
  • Execution of workitems belongs to other users.
  • Changing the container values at runtime
  • Workflow Administration from debugging perspective
  • Runtime Buffer Synchronization

11.Basic Customization for workflows

  • RFC destination
  • Dead line monitoring

12.Miscellaneous Topics

  • Consistency Check after Transporting to other systems
  • Transporting Agent Assignment 
  • Setting Conditions using SWB_COND
  • Using Check Function Modules
  • Workflow Wizards

13.Business Workplace

  • Inbox
  • Outbox
  • Reserve
  • Forward/Auto Forward
  • Express Notification

14.OO ABAP with Workflow

  • IF_WORKFLOW Interface usage
  • Attributes Creation & Methods Creation
  • Creation of workflows with Classes
  • Using Functional Methods

15.Launching Webdynpro from Workflow

  • Introduction to Webdynpro
  • Configuration of launching webdynpro from workflow
  • Showing one application 

16.Documents and Questions/materials will be provided

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