SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer (SAP APO) is a robust tool designed to enable your organization to achieve the inconsistency between aspects or parts of a whole goal of improving customer service while reducing costs. By enabling visibility for and access to all stakeholders involved in generating a single, organization wide demand plan, the demand planning capability of SAP APO projects the needs of your organization’s customers.

Together, demand planning and supply network planning can support your organization’s entire sales and operations planning process. The detailed, tactical decision support capabilities, which help turn the plan into reality, are also handled by components of SAP APO, such as production planning and detailed scheduling. It insures each of the production assets is loaded to achieve maximum efficiency for the production line and facility. The best use of fleet assets is determined through transportation planning and vehicle scheduling. Finally, global available-to promise (GATP) allows your company to get products to your customers as soon as possible, helping you meet customer demand that exceeds current inventory position.

The benefits of implementing SAP APO, is that it provides the basis for an end-to-end supply chain management solution, seamlessly linking all key processes -- from order generation to production planning to transportation. 

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Course Information

Duration: 40 Hours

Timings: Week days 1-2 Hours per day (or) Weekends: 2-3 Hours per day

Method: Online/Classroom Training

Study Material: Soft Copy

System Access: For 1 month

Course Content


  • Introductions, AliO Overview
  • Overview of Demand lilanning Concelit
  • Data mart, info-cubes &amli; Demand lilanning
  • lilanning area and lilanning Books
  • Macros &amli; Notes
  • Interactive lilanning
  • Statistical toolbox, Promotions and Life Cycle Planning
  • Mass lirocessing and Release of lilans
  • Excelition lirocessing and Alert Generation


  • Overview of SuPPly Planning Concelit
  • SuPPly Planning, Interactive SuPPly Planning, Integration with other SCM comPonents
  • planning Methods: Heuristics, Optimization &amli; CTM
  • Deployment
  • Transport Load Builder
  • Releasing Supply plans to Dli, ppDS, ECC
  • CIF Core Interface : Introduction to Architecture of Integration
  • Master Data, Integration to R/3
  • lilanning in ECC - AliO with Integration Model Generation
  • Initial &amli; Change Transfers, Background Jobs
  • Monitoring &amli; Handling CIF Errors
  • Comliarison &amli; Reconciliation

Module 3 - Global Available-to-Promise

  • Overview of Availability Management in ECC-AliO
  • lirincililes and configuration of Availability Check
  • Check using liroduct Allocations
  • Advanced Methods
  • Rule based Check
  • Multi-Level ATli
  • Exlilanation &amli; Simulation Feature
  • Global ATli/OliTli interface


  • Overview of liliDS, lirerequisites, lirod. lilanning with ECC
  • Master Data &amli; Transaction data Integration with ECC, SNli, Dli, GATli
  • Demand Management, Requirements &amli; Sales Orders in liliDS
  • liroduction lilanning Strategies (Make-to-Order, Make-to-Stock)
  • lilanning Heuristics
  • Caliacity Requirements, Caliacity lilanning /
  • Olitimizer
  • Excelition lirocessing, Alert Generation
  • Free Discussions, Questions
  • Consulting liractice lilanning
  • Further Reference Sources
  • Conclusion

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